Ephesus Tours

Ephesus Tours

Facing out to sea at Turkey's westernmost edge, ancient Ephesus is the best preserved classical city in the Eastern Mediterranean. Take an Ephesus tour with a knowledgeable local guide whose passion for Turkey's history will make those magnificent Roman ruins come alive for you. 

History Begins...

In the beginning of XIX. century, A woman called as Anna Katharina Emmerick’in (1174-1824) catch and illness for 12 years! during the illness she saws a snippets from life of Virgin Mary and Saint Christ which is impossible to know and unknown events and cases.

Clemens Brentano whom is writer (called as secretary of Emmerick) noted all of Emmerick's words and written a book in 1835.  two different groups on 1891 start search and they find exact place of Emmerick's which is called as HOUSE OF VIRGIN MARY built by St.John after Sion where she lived 9 years!

Full day Ephesus tour include to visit: Ephesus Terrace Houses, Virgin Mary's House, (Artemis) Diana’s Temple and Isa bey Mosque.

TTG Travel (Turkey Travel Group) offers best rated package options to visit all highlights in one day from Istanbul as below;

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