TurkishCuisine is profoundly the heritage of OttomanCulinary described as a fusion of Central and MiddleEastern having influenced the other neighbouring cultures.
Varying across the country, the cooking of Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and theAegean shared ritualistic customs of eating through the ages.
The international terminology of culinary art has adopted many words like bulgur from the Hittites, hamsi(anchovy) from BlackSea, kebabs and the associating yogurt and of course, the baklava like desserts that have spread across the continents along with Ottoman Era in history.
Where olive trees grew abundantly, olive oil is essential for mothers who cook every green blessing by the mother nature.
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Sultanahmet Fish House
Address    Prof. K. Ismail Gurkan Caddesi No:14 Cagaloglu / Sultanahmet Fatih İstanbul
Phone I    +90 212 527 44 41
Phone II    +90 212 527 44 45
Mobile Phone    +90 532 777 02 64
Fax    +90 212 517 00 09
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The Sultanahmet Fish House Restaurant,Ozlem-Haci Simsek and Yasar Celen, after their long years experience in tourism and restaurant managership, was opened to serve you the most delicious taste. We wish to be with you in our restaurant ...