Istanbul Travel Guide

Toilet in Istanbul

  • Formerly Used Toilets

  • Handicap Restroom

  • WC

If you want to use the toilet, it is not common to indicate this by saying the word ‘tuvalet’.  It is more common to say ‘lavabo’. If you find it difficult to pronounce ‘lavabo’ you can also say wc (pronounced weh djeh).In Turkey there are two sorts of toilets, the ones that you are probably familiar with, where you can sit on, and the ones where you have to squat down.

Public Toilets
Public toilets are found all over Istanbul with entrances marked as ‘Bayan WC’ for women and  ‘Bay WC’ for men. It’s a good idea to carry a pack of tissues as toilet rolls are often out. You will often come across ‘a la turca’ facilities (comprising of a hole on the floor), especially in touristy areas. However, hotels, restaurants, bars, and shopping malls all have Western-style (a la franga) facilities.

In airports, metro stations and bus stations there are toilets for the handicap. Toilets in big hotels are also suitable for handicap use.