Istanbul Travel Guide

Religious and National Days in Turkey

  • Candy and Turkish Delight are offered in Ramadan Bayram

  • Muslims sacrifice rams in the Feast of Sacrifice

  • May 19 Youth and Sports Day

  • October 29 Republic Day

  • April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day

  • August 30 Victory Day

A greater part of population is Muslim and two religious festival is celebrated in this country. First one is Ramadan Feast, the other one is Feast of Sacrifice (eid al-adha).

Ramadan Feast
This feast is three day and it is celebrated at the end of the Ramadan month. The reason of the celebration of Ramadan Feast is good deeds which obtain from fasting and worships in this month. People who believe their good deeds attain the feast with their happiness of worships. Everybody congratulates each other’s bairam, children are wore with best clothes and they are kissed on the cheek. Elders put Money in children’s pocket. Candy and Turkish Delight are offered. Elders hug each other. Cross people make peace and platitudes are smoothed over.

Feast of Sacrifice (eid al-adha)
There is historical cause for celebration of feast of sacrifice. This cause is about prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail. Prophet Ibrahim wants to dedicate his son to God’s manner. Almighty God does not allow dedication of Ismail and God orders prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice a ram. This event comes down as a sign for love of Allah. Muslims celebrate feast of sacrifice during four days. They share their sacrifice with their neighbours, friends and poor people. Heart of people fill mercy and compassion of God. People are tolerant of each other.

National Days
Flags are displayed balconies of homes in National days. Classes ornament and programmes are made for the importance and sense of day. Our national days which is celebrated formally are the followings:

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day
Grand National Assembly of Turkey is opened in 23 April, 1920. For its importance Mustafa Kemal Ataturk presented this day to children. Week which is in 23 April is celebrated as Children’s week. International Children’s Festival is organized in this week. Children from different region of world are invited to our country. Children perform folklore of their country and they share emotion of friendship and peace.

May 19 Youth and Sports Day
Ataturk went to Samsun 19 May, 1919 for the purpose of starting War of Independence. Ataturk who goes from here to many cities, leads to public to start to War of Independence against enemy. For this reason 19 May is important day for our nation. Ataturk presented this significant day to Turkish youth. Various activities and sport shows are made in this day to show vitality of Turkish youth.

August 30 Victory Day
The Great Offensive started in 30 August, 1922 and it ended up 30 August with victory. Ataturk presented this great day to army for keeping this day forever alive. Due to this victory, ceremonies are performed and acrobat pilots demonstrate shows of flight and parades are organized.

October 29 Republic Day
Republic was announced in 29 October, 1923 and management of country pass in national will. This day is important for Turkish people, it is celebrated every year in 23 October. Activities are organized for the importance of Republic Day and everywhere is decorated with flags.