Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul Foods

  • Turkish Tea and Uskudar

  • Daily 1.5 million simit is consumed in Istanbul

  • Turkish Breakfast

  • Doner Kebap is liked too much in Turkey

  • You can reach real taste of white bean with meat

  • Turkish Delight is sold almost everywhere in Istanbul

  • There are old-hands and private places for Baklava in Istanbul

Istanbul has the rich food culture and this carry the traces of Ottoman Palace. These traces are the same foods taste to table-layout. You can taste delicious Anatolian foods in Istanbul with the atmosphere of Ottoman Palace.

Making Doner was inspired from Turkish Crimean because they cooked meat with their swords. Doner Kebap is sibling with Cag Kebabı of Erzurum Region. Doner is found firstly in the Ottoman archives in 18th century. It attains its modern shape in the 19th century in Bursa thanks to Iskender Efendi. Doner Kebap is liked too much and it is found almost every kitchen on the wide area including Anatolia and the Balkans and it continues its existence. The most delicate part of this work: Doner should cut finely and not to leave an oil taste on the tongue. Also cut doner should not harden quickly. In fact doner is eaten with thin bread. Sandwich doner is a fast-food. Good doner is made by piece meat not ground meat.

White bean (Kuru Fasülye)
Last century of Turkish Cuisine is not understood without white bean. This dish which is cooked with dried bean marked in this century. Undoubtedly tomato has cut for its taste. If you do not like meat, you can cook white bean without meat. But you can reach real taste of white bean with meat or chicken broth. The place of Kuru Fasülye is opposite to Suleymaniye mosque at the present time. You cannot relish the taste of Kuru Fasülye without rice and onion. You can eat it in the summer but mostly you can relish its taste in winter.

If you take into consideration there is twelve Simit bakery in the 17th century in Istanbul, you can easily understand how people enjoy eating simit in Istanbul. In the past, simit is sold with bastion circle in Istanbul. Simit sellers who paddle Istanbul Simit is met inhabitants of the city. Istanbul without simit and simit without Istanbul are not thought. Already numbers are showing it. Daily 2.5 million simit is consumed in Turkey. 1.5 million from this number is consumed in Istanbul daily. Simit is made from flour, sesame and pekmez. There is still bakery which made the fine simit in Istanbul. On the other hand simit is not eaten without cheese and tea. You cannot relish simit without them.

Turkish Delight
Turkish delight will be the sweetest thing in the world, if we are talking about Turks. The word derive from rahat ul-hulküm in Arabic. Its meaning is to settle the throat. After it became popular in the Ottoman Empire borders in 17th century, it started to be known with its name Turkish Delight in Europe in 18th century via an English Traveller. The name of Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir who is the inventor of delight is mentioned in the documents. The shops of Hacı Bekir Lokumcusu are still active in the Eminonu and Taksim. Hacı Bekir departs from Kastamonu and opens a shop in Istanbul but there are other regions which is famous for delight in Turkey. Delight is consumed mostly in Bayrams. It can be also consumed with Turkish coffee.

If we mention Turkish Dessert, firstly baklava will come to mind. It is made from paste and it is feast of taste. Baklava is not eaten everywhere. There are old-hands and private places for it. Before everything, there are knacks about the art of baklava. Men old-hands roll out the dough for baklava the best. Because, roll out the dough for baklava requires great power. Old-hands who work in the rooted baklava shop are 30 year old-hands. Nutty with hazelnut is acceptable. You should be careful about its sorbet. It should not be very much. It draw in slowly but it stings nasal cavity.