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Turkish Bath in Istanbul

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  • Haseki Hurrem Sultan Turkish Bath

  • Cagaloglu Turkish Bath

  • Cemberlitas Turkish Bath

  • Turkish Bath

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  • Kilic Ali Pasha Turkisk Bath

It was the religion why hamams became an integral part of Ottoman culture. According to the Holly Book Qu’ran, washing is not only an important but also an essential part of religion.

However, these marble buildings helped create a social atmosphere. Enjoying the company of friends and making business contacts were as important reasons for hamams' popularity as the religious aspects. Hamams were the only places where Ottoman women could socialize in their restricted lives outside the closed doors of their houses. Most of the women dropped by the hamam in their district once a month. This ritualistic preparation was necessary as not just a few hours, but almost a whole day, would be spent in the hamam.