Istanbul Travel Guide

The Million Stone

  • In the Byzantine era, Million Stone was viewed as a reference point.

It is known at least monument of Istanbul but it is one of the strangest monuments of Istanbul.In the period of Emperor Constantine it was thought that this stone was put in 4th century. Nowadays this stone consists of only a few meters column. But on the contrary its present height, its importance exceeds centuries.

Modern Bakırkoy bore the name Hebdomon

In Byzantine Period, Million Stone assumed the same duty with Milliarium Aureum Monument which is located in Italy, Rome at the present time.  In the Byzantine Empire, this column was starting point of all Ancient Rome ways and zero point for measuring distance of other whole cities on the world to Constantinople. So, in the Byzantine Period, modern Bakırköy bore the name Hebdomon which came to mean seventh in Ancient Greek and the cause of this name for Bakırköy is that it was short of 7 mile to Million Stone.

All Roads Lead to Rome

Million Stone purported a dome which is carried by four columns in the first period. It gradually broke up with Conquest of Istanbul and it took its final form which is made up only one column. It was said that this column is the source of word ‘’All road lead to Rome’’.