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The Obelisk of Theodosius (Dikilitas)

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Obelisk is found in Hippodrome. Pharaoh Thutmose III is erected this stone in Egypt in commemoration of his victories in Asia in 1450.

Obelisk which stood in Egypt for ages, caught Romans after the Pharaohs erase the history. Constantine rebuilt it. Although his son Constantine I wanted Iskenderiye to move Obelisk to Istanbul, he did not achieve. According to its pedestal, it lied on the ground for a while and in Theodossius I time in 390, it was settled in the middle of the Hippodrome, present location. Its height is 20 meters but its 6 meters is missing. Obelisk is settled on four bronze chock which take place on 6 meters height marble pedestal. Relievos on the pedestal processed wars of emperor Theodossius I and his live in Hippodrome.

Obelisk spectated various political events

Amun-Ra and Horus from Egyptian Deity are referred and sovereignty of Thutmose is mentioned on the four side of Obelisk. Obelisk spectated various political events which occur in Hippodrome, automobile races, revolts and murders during the Byzantine Period. There were many events around the Obelisk in Hippodrome in the Ottoman Period and land is upthrow so, underside of pedestal stood underground. Excavation made in 1857 around pedestal, it brought to light again.