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Gulhane Park

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  • Gulhane Park

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Take a T1 tram and get off at the Gulhane station, walk a bit and you will see the archway, this is the main entrance to the Gulhane Park. This place is a great getaway from Istanbul’s traffic, crowds of people and if you want to relax after a long walk and hide under the shadow, this is the right place.

Apart from its calmness and quietness, this park is also known as the oldest park in Istanbul. It is located in the heart of Sultanahmet area, next to Topkapı Palace. For centuries it has been used as a garden of Topkapı Palace and was accessible only for Sultan, his family, harem and Sultan’s guests. The name of the park “Gülhane” means “a rose house” in Turkish, so there was a rose garden and everyone could breathe that smell on the territory of the Topkapı Palace and around.

The park was opened to the public in 1912; later a small zoo was opened there. Later, in 1926, Ataturk’s statue was erected in the park. Then the park went through the renovation, a lot has been changed, the park has been  improved and zoo has been  removed as well. 2008 is a year when the Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam was opened. It is located in the former the Imperial Stables building. 140 reproductions of inventions in geography, chemistry, architecture, medicine, physics, astronomy are excibited in the museum.

Modern Gulhane Park is one the biggest and of course the most visited one in Istanbul. Every day, year by year, hundrends of locals and tourists, pupils and students, couples and familys come to this park to get a breath of freshness after the long work day, during the break and on weekends. You can buy some snacks, corn and drinks in many kiosks that located at the entrance to the park.

If you visit Istanbul in April, come here and enjoy the beautiful Tulip Festival that takes place in the biggests parks of Istanbul, one of them is Gulhane park. Every year, during one month, from  late March until late April, the park is soaked in fragrances of almost 100 kinds of tulips and other flowers.

Walk the park’s main street unil its edge, climb a small hill, and you will find a lovely cafe, tea-house on the top on it. Take a rest and enjoy amazing view to the Bosphorus and Golden Horn, the brigde, European and Asian sides.