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The Bosphorus Istanbul

  • Bosphorus begins with Maiden Tower

  • Bosphorus was directly opened to people at early 19th century .

  • Embassy’s summer houses were gradually seen after Yenikoy.

  • Bopshorus from Uskudar

  • Bosphorus Bridge from Uskudar

  • Bosphorus From Uskudar day time

  • Bosphorus View from Uskudar

  • Catch Your Fish at Uskudar

  • Public Boat at Uskudar

  • Public Transfers by Ferry Uskudar

  • Uskudar Sea Side

Throughout history this place was a difficult residential area; because road transportation did not occur for a long time and transportation had always been provided from sea. Bosphorus is a geography which was considered as summer house or resort of only high stratum both in Ottoman and Byzantine period because of Difficulties caused by transportation, being windy, difficulties which were experienced at building’s heating in winters.

Opened to public at 19th century
Bosphorus was directly opened to public at early 19th century. Even though bosphorus can be started directly from Tophane in a sense, especially the European seaside of strait from Tophane to Ortakoy was completely regulated as sultanate seaside in 18th and 19th centuries. Sultanate housing which starts with Tophane, finally ends with a very elegant structure probably the worldwide most elegant example of Nigogos Balyan, Ortakoy Mosque.

Embssy's summer houses
Embassy’s summer houses were gradually seen after Yenikoy. After all this group which uses Belgrade forest as a non-Muslim resort were living in Pera and Beyoglu as colonies in winter and especially the embassies were acquiring big and small seaside residences. Wooden German seaside house which was in deed given from Tarabya Pavilion, and was donated to German Government by Abdulhamit II and was built in chalet style is seen. Embassy series continue after Tarabya. 


Most richest seaside houses belong to Grand Viziers
Almost all of most magnificent and richest seaside residence which had survived in Bosphorus were like grand vizier Seaside houses. Probably the latest and the richest example of Grand Vizier seaside houses is the magnificent  seaside residence which was doubled by Said Halim Pasha  Amcazade Huseyin Pasha Seaside residence, where dinner parties were given for  treaty of  Karlowitz and Pasarowitz,  which locates in Anadoluhisarı coast is the oldest but left for ruin masterp iece with its part survived from 1699.