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The Prince's Islands

  • Wooden houses on Büyükada

  • The phateon

  • The Turkish Naval School on Heybeliada

  • Burgaz Island

  • Overwiew photo of Heybeliada

The islands in the Marmara closest to the Bosphorus were known as the Prince Islands in Byzantine times, because princes and emprarorus were often sent into exile on those islands. The ıslands remained somewhat remote in the past because of the transport problem but technological developments and the use of fast boatshave made the islands more accessible.

Island were populer for artists
In the 19th century here was the populer place for artists and intellectuals.  A process of afforestation was begun at the end of the century. Although the use of modern, much faster boats hame made the Prince's Islands easily accessible, it is still impossible to see all the islands in one day.

The nearest island is Kınalı
Tne nearest island is Kınalı. Most of exiles from Byzantium were sent here. The most interesting public building on the island is the modern mosque on the shore.. The Armenian population on the island quite high. Burgaz is the second ısland and more wooded than Kınalı. There three Greek Orthodox Churches on the ısland. On the ısland another interesting building is the house of Sait Faik, one of most famous modern Turkish writers.

The small, uninhabited island oppisite Burgaz is Kaşık Island.

Heybeliada and the Thelogical Seminary of the Greek Orthodox Church
Heybeliada is the third island and it is much larger. The Turkish Naval School was originally built as a Greek School of Commerce. On the hill there are old Byzantine Monastery Hagias Trias and the Thelogical Seminary of the Greek Orthodox Church. Also on the island There is a synagogue called Beeth Yakov, which was built in 1940.

Büyükada is the largest island
Büyükada is the last and the largest ısland of Prince's Islands. One of the most popular attractions no Büyükada contains the tours by phateon. There are two types of tours: The short and the long tour.


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