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Istanbul Historical Chronology

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  • In 11 May 1453, because of the constant bombardments the walls are so devastated that recovery seems impossible.

  • Golden Horn was blocked by a huge chain to stop unwanted ships to enter.

  • Galata Bridge

  • The Bosphorus Bridge is one of two bridges that spans the Bosphorus Strait, connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

  • Historical Ottoman Map

BC 680–680 – The Megaras who flee from the Dors, found the city Khalkedon in Moda.

BC 450 – Byzantium is conquered by the Spartans.

BC 407 – The administration of Byzantium is taken over by Athens.

BC 318 – Antigonos, the commander of the army of Alexander the Great, takes the lead of Byzantium.

BC 73 – Byzantium becomes part of the Roman Bithynia-Pontus.

AD 196–196 – Septimus Severus conquers Rome. Byzantium does not surrender and gains the victory over the city. Consequently they build city walls.

330 – Constantine the Great declares New Rome as capital of the empire. After Constantine is converted to Christian, New Rome becomes one of the most important christian cities.

395 – After the death of Theodosius, Rome splits in two parts.

441 – De Huns, led by Atilla, attack Constantinople.

476 – The existence of the Western Roman Empire comes to an end.

537 – One starts building the Aya Sophia.

813 – The Bulgarians attack.

864 – The Russians attack.

1204 – The Latins take over the city during the Fourth crusade.

1261 – Led by the Paleologos family the Byzantines take back Constantinople.

 1 March 1453 – The Ottoman army starts to unite and surrounds the city.

 4 April 1453 – The attack begins. While on the Byzantine side there are 17.000 soldiers fichting, this number is 250.000 on the Ottoman side.

 11 May 1453 – Because of the constant bombardments the walls are so devastated that recovery seems impossible.

1472 – One begins with the construction of Topkapı Palace.

1839 – The first paper money, named Kaime, is being brought on the market by Abdülmecit.

1856 – The district of Beyoğlu is illuminated for the first time and the Ottoman bank is founded.

1875 – The tunnel in Beyoğlu is open for public. This underground railway is the shortest way that connects Karaköy to Beyoğlu. The tunnel, which is used in 1893 in London for the first time and in 1868 in New York for the second time, is the third oldest public transport.

1923 – The Republic is proclamated and Ankara becomes in stead of Istanbul the capital city

1932 – The name Constantinople is forbidden and replaced by Istanbul.

1973 – Bosphorus Brigde opened into the service.