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Yildiz Palace

  • Yildiz Palace

  • Bath of the Palace

  • Inside of Yildiz Palace

  • Ceiling of a room in the palace

  • Built by Italian architect D'Aranco

  • The Palace is one of the most interesting works of 19th century Ottoman architecture.

Being the last one among the Ottoman palace complexes, Yildiz Palace was started to be built at the end of 18th century with the mansion which was made for Mihrisah Sultan. And in the late 19th century, Sultan Abdulhamid II  departed from the Dolmabahce Palace because he feared a seaside attack on the palace. He expanded the Yildiz Palace and ordered Italian architect D'Aranco to build new buildings to the palace complex. When he moved Yildiz Palace, the palace became the fourth seat of Ottoman government.

Sultan Abdulhamid II were into carpentry

Best part of furniture of palace was set in the carpenter’s shop of palace. Sultan Abdulhamid II who were into carpentry and known with his own hand carving, placed a particular importance to carpentry. So, exhibits in the museum belong to palace. In the exhibiting, except from personal belongings of Sultan Abdulhamid II and his presents, wooden works are exhibited due to museum is in the old carpenter’s shop.

Palace has one of the most beautiful view of Bosphours

The complex was completed with the buildings which were added in the beginning of 19th and 20th centuries. Situated in an area of five hundred thousand square meter, palace has one of the most beautiful view of Bosphours. Sale Pavilion in which German Emperor Wilhelm II was hosted during his 3 visits of Istanbul has separate place in Yildiz Palace. Built by Abdulhamit II, the mansion is one of the most interesting works of 19th century Ottoman architecture. After that, many statesmen like French President de Gaulle and Shah of Iran Riza Pehlevi were hosted in this mansion.

Useful Information for Yildiz Palace

Address Barbaros Bulvari, Serencebey Yokusu, No. 62 Besiktas/ Istanbu
Tel 0 (212) 2583080
Fax 0 (212) 2583085
Visiting hours Hours of Operation : 09.00-19.00 ( Summer Season April 15 th - November 1 st) Hours of Ticket Sales : 09.00-18.00 Hours of Operation : 09.00-16.30 ( Winter Season November 1 st - April 15 th) Hours of Ticket Sales : 09.00-16.00
Entrance fee 10 TL