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Hints & Tips before you buy antique products in Istanbul & Turkey

Antiques are the objects which aren’t older than 100 years and don’t have significant cultural value. It can be anything from coins, statues, ceramics, carpets, etc. If you want to buy something aged of more than 100 years, and especially when this object has a museum quality, then we call this object as an ‘antiquities’.

Remember, that it is illegal to buy, sell and take antiquities out of Turkey. No doubts, if it’s unique and original item, it is very expensive and probably you can’t afford to buy it. But if you have already bought it and want to take it to your country, then you need to gain the official “museum export certificate” in order to legally export this item from Turkey.

Doing shopping, be aware that you might be buying fake or just old product and it doesn’t cost all the money that seller asks for. Check for the labels on the bottom or side of your purchased thing, maybe you will notice a “Made in China” sigh.

Be careful when buying a carpet – some sellers bleach it in order to make it look older.

So, if you can’t tell that it’s antique and/or if you have doubts about the products you buy or you want to check whether it’s original or not, take it to museum and ask experts to examine it.

Grand Bazaar has a district that spicializes on antiques, this is where you can find old jewels, coins, carpets, furniture, fiance and other beautiful things. The name of this neighbourhood is Old Bazaar, it is the oldest part of the Grand Bazaar and its located in the very centre of it.

 But still the best and most visited place for antique-hunting is Çukurcuma district in Beyoglu. Located on the old narrow streets, this market attracts a lot of tourists who are into old-fashioned stuff or are just curious about it. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, walking and watching relaxed owners, their lovely stuff, is very pleasant. Market is located in the back streets of Beyoglu, in the lovely Cihangir area, southeast of the Galatasaray University.

There are plenty of small antique markets in Kadıköy, Asian side of Istanbul. One of them, Kadıköy Antikacilar Çarşısı is located on the Moda Street inside of the building, but back streets around it, for example, Tellalzade and Sakiz, are also full of antique shopes and old-fashioned furniture stores. You can find plenty of old photographs, paintings, coins, clocks, mirror around the area.

You can spend hours walking around and enjoying the atmosphere of this place.