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Hints & Tips before you buy Textile products in Istanbul & Turkey

Textile is one of the most common products that tourists buy in their trips to Istanbul & Turkey. The history of Turkish textile industry starts at the Ottoman period, textile production was developed and very important for the Empire. It was spread around the country and even now you can find textiles in every city you go: there are markets and bazaars as well as stores everywhere.

Nowadays you can find high quality home textile (curtains, cushions, linens, towels, etc.), fabrics as well as scarves, shawls, dresses and many more things.

Istanbul has a huge offer for fabrics and textiles; there are a lot of retail and wholesale stores with a large choice. Of course, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has numerous streets where you can buy silk products, dresses, scarves and fabrics but prices will be higher than in other places so you must bargain. The final price depends on your haggling skills. Also visit several stores and compare prices and quality there, then choose the best one for you and buy there.

Also behind and around the Spice Market in Eminonu there is a quite big bazaar which sells different kinds of home appliances, toys, home decorations and textile as well. You can find a big range of different items from very cheap to expensive and high quality ones.

Laleli is a vast neighborhood where all streets are full of different kind of wholesale stores, they sell women and men clothes, home textile, and also you can find jewelry and different appliances.  

Other big districts are Merter and Zeytinburnu areas. There are a lot of factories are located there which produce textile products, carpets, fabrics and quality clothes. There you can find both wholesale and retail stores.

So as you can see, Turkey specializes on producing textile products and for sure you will like a lot of items here just be careful and check the quality and don’t forget to bargain.