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Istanbul Naval Museum

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The Naval Museum was established in 1897 by Naval Minister Huseyin Husnu Pasha. It was set up in the Taskizak Shipyard as a museum and library. During the World War I  began the contents of museum were moved to Konya and closed to visitors. After the war, some of the items were moved to Kasimpasha and stored here.

The museum opened in Dolmabahce Palace
In 1948 the Naval Museum was opened in the Dolmabahce Palace. In 1960 the museum was moved  present location. In 1970 with effort of Naval Commander Admiral Celal Ayicioglu a caique gallery was added to the building. And the most interesting section is the historical caique gallery and its varios items in the museum.

Ottoman royal caiques
Ottoman royal caiques are exhibited here in their original conditions. There is an open air museum in the garden as well. In the historical Naval Archives there are close to 20.000 books in the library and about 25 millon documents, written in old scripts.

Useful Information for Istanbul Naval Museum

Address Hayrettin Iskelesi Sok. 80690 Besiktas, Istanbul
Tel 0 (212) 327 43 45
Visiting hours Museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday, the other days to visit between 09am - 17pm.
Entrance fee 5 TL