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Ciragan Palace

  • Detail from the door

  • The palace is used as a hotel now

  • Detail from enterance of the palace

  • Enterence hall of the palace

  • Enterance of Cıragan Palace from sea at 1880

  • The palace was restored in 1980

Ciragan Palace was firstly started to be used as summer house. Garabet Balyan brought maybe the first great foreign-looking work to Bosphorus and Istanbul emphasizing not only wood-based but also Greco-Roman front design. Sultan Abdulmecid wanted to demolish the first palace which was built by Mahmut II and Abdulmecid planned to be built a new palace in the style of western architecture. But because of his death in 1861, construction of palace was left half-finished.

The construction of the palace cost 2.5 million gold

Brother of Sultan Abdulaziz who took him place was completed the construction of palace in 1871. But he did not choose western architecture, he chose eastern architecture. He was inspired by North Africa Islamic Architecture. The contractors of palace were Sakis Balyan and Narsisyan Kirkor. The construction of the palace cost 2.5 million gold. Each embroidered gates of palace cost is 1000 gold. German emperor Kayzer Wilhelm II liked too much these gates and Abdulhamid presented them to him. Wihelm put this gate in Berlin Museum. Sultan Abdulaziz took a rest here lastly in 1876, March. But people spread the gossip that being built palace on the Mevlevihane (lodge used by mevlevi dervishes) would be inauspicious. So, he was annoyed from these gossip and left there. He settled Dolmabahce Palace. Cıragan Palace started to be used as a statehouse and because of a fire which outbreak following year burned huge palace in five hours.

Restored in 1980

Sultan was forced to live there until 1904. Being used as a parliament for a term, palace was abandoned to solitude for a long time after the fire dated 1910. Being restored in 1980, this palace is used as a hotel nowadays.

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