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Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

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  • Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

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Mihrimah Sultan, Süleyman the Magneficent’s daughter, had this mosque built across from Üsküdar boat landing in 1548. The mosque’s cubical simplicity and symmetry attract eye. Mihrimah Sultan Mosque is constructed on a terraced hillside with a commanding view.  

Mihrimah Sultan Complex  contained a mosque, a school for children, a fountain, a medresse, a guesthouse, a stable, a larder, a store house and a caravanserai. It now consists of five sections: mosque, medresse and the tombs.

The sermon pulpit

In front of the interior court is a double-faced fountain made of marble with 20 faucets. There are two minarets with single balconies made of wanderful hewn stone on the left and right of the mosque. It leaves of the doors and windows are decorated in the mother of pearl, ivory and ebony. The sermon pulpit is a pretty example of Turkish inlay art.

Modern version of Saint Sophia

Mimar Sinan applied a more modern version of Saint Sophia for his mosque.  The usual half-dome above the mosque enterance was not used here. This is why, when you enter the mosque, you are under the dome. The fauntain et the enterance is very beatifull.

There are two tombs between mosque and medresse. The elementary school is in the kıblah direction. The soup kitchen, caravanserai are no longer exist.

Useful Information for Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

Address Üsküdar, Kursunlu Medrese Sk, 2-24, 34674 Selmanaga, Istanbul
Fast Facts Because the mosques are the sacred places for muslims, there are several cases needed to be paid attention during visits; 1. Mosques must be visited between the prayer times. If you come across the prayer times, you can visit the mosque after the community leaves. 2. Women come to mosques by covering their heads with scarves while the men wear coifs before going in. It should be paid attention to costumes while visiting a sacred place like a mosque, especially in summer times. 3. Shorts should not be worn by men and women during the visits of mosques and tombs because costume is an important point to be paid attention in visiting sacred places.