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Project which reunites two continent under the Bosphorus with train is great project in recent years in Turkey. The ground of this project starts in 2004 with partnership between a Japan and two Turk companies. Marmaray covers the road of Ayrılık Cesmesi and Kazlıcesme and its length is 14 km. there are 13 tubes which is reunited each other in this section.

Cost of this Project is 5.5 billion TL. It is the most  expensive  project which is designed until today. Normally, the project is supposed to  finish in 2009 but because of the historical artifacts it opened after 4 years.

Conventional history of Istanbul rises 8500 years
Historic tressure arises out of each excavation in every station. These excavation is under the observation of Istanbul  Archeological Museum and universities. Excavations change the history of Istanbul. Conventional history of Istanbul is 6000 years but thanks to this excavations , it rise  8500 years. 35000 archeologic object is found  from the period of Stone Age,Byzantine and Ottoman. 13 sunken vessels are taken out. Some of them are exhibited in Yenikapi Station.

First and Last Hours of Marmaray

Direction                                        First Train Hour        Last Train Hour

Ayrılık Cesmesi—Kazlıcesme           06:00a.m.                  24:00p.m.

Kazlıcesme—Ayrılık Cesmesi           06:00a.m.                  23:40p.m.


Headway of Marmaray Line

06:00a.m.—07:00a.m. è 10 minutes

07:00a.m.—10:00a.m. è 7 minutes

10:00a.m.—16:00p.m. è 10 minutes

16:00p.m.—20:00p.m. è 7 minutes

20:00p.m. – 00:00p.m. è 10 minutes

The part of Kazlıcesme and Ayrılık Cesmesi  is 13,6km and it is formed  five stops and stations with three underground and  two surface.