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If you have an appointment,catch the ferry in right time will be important. Because some ferries can be half-hourly. But if you go for a ride to city, you can be relax. Providing that you missed the ferry, do not worry about this. Because there will be 15 minutes between the other ferries.Especially if you are in the line of Eminonu, Besiktas, Uskudar and Kadıkoy, it's alright. There are ships which belong to cooperative of the private ships close by cityline. Thanks to these ships you can go the other side of city easily.


From Karakoy to Kadikoy
Between 6h00 am and 23h00 pm it is possible to take a ship every 15 minutes. In the weekend you can sail by ship from 6h30 am till 23h00 am. From Kadikoy to Karakoy the travelling times are between 6h15 am and 23h00 pm.

From Eminonu to Kadikoy
The ship sails from 7h30 till 20h35 pm every 15 minutes. In the weekend these times are between 7h40 am and 20h30 pm. From Kadikoy to Eminonu it is possible to find a ship between 07h00 am and 20h00 pm. On the weekends you can travel between 7h10 am and 20h00 pm.

From Eminonu to Uskudar
It is possible to find a ship between 6h35 and 23h00. This ships leave every 15 minutes. On Sundays the you can travel between 6h40 am and 23h00 pm. From Uskudar to Eminonu the ships leave between 6h10 am and 22h30 pm. On the weekends these times are between 6h30 am and 22h30 pm.

From Besiktas to Kadikoy
Every half hour ships will leave between 7h15 am and 21h15 pm. From Kadikoy to Beşiktaş these times are between 6h45 am and 20h45 pm. On Sundays there is no transportation.

The Halic line
The ship that leaves from Uskudar at 7h30 am goes by Karakoy, Eminonu, Kasımpaşa, Fener, Balat, Haskoy, Ayvansaray, Sutluce and Eyup. The total trip that takes about an hour, sails on the Halic-waters. The last ship leaves at 19h50 pm. On Sundays the first ship leaves at 8h30 am. Every hour there is a ship leaving. It also goes from Eyup by abovementioned places back to Uskudar.

Special tour on the Bosphorus
The ship leaves from Eminonu at 10h35 am and sails on the Bosphorus and goes by places like Besiktas, Kanlica, Yenikoy, Sariyer, Rumeli Kavagi ve Anadolu Kavagi. In Anadolu Kavagi the ship stays for 3 hours and sails back to Eminonu at 16h30 pm. From 14th April there is also a ship leaving at 13h35 pm. This ship arrives back in Eminonu at 18h30 pm.

The Islands
The ship leaves from Kabataş at 6h50 am and sails on the Sea of Marmara by islands like Kinaliada, Burgazada, Heybeliada en Buyukada. The trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. the last ship you can find from Buyukada to Kabataş is at 22h30 pm. Every two hours you can find a ship.

Wage Scale of Cityline Ferries

Ferry Routes  Jetton Full Fare
Karakoy-Haydarpasa-Kadıkoy 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Eminonu–Kadıkoy 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Eminonu–Uskudar 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Besiktas–Kadıkoy 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Besiktas–Uskudar 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Kadıkoy–Kabatas 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Halic Route 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Bosphorus Route 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Besiktas–Kucuksu 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Kucuksu–Istinye 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Istinye–Cengelkoy 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
A.Kavagı–R.Kavağı–Sarıyer 4.00 TL 2.15 TL
Kabataş–Islands 5.00 TL  3.85 TL
Bostanci–Islands   5.00 TL  3.85 TL
Between Islands 5.00 TL  3.85 TL 

Full information which is related to tariff of ferry precondition below.At the same time formal site is English in link. Besides voyages can be cancelled adverse weather condition.

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