Istanbul Travel Guide

Helitaxi in Istanbul

  • Istanbul from the window of Helitaxi

  • Helitaxi provides great facility during the heavy traffic times

  • Helitaxi goes to Bursa from Istanbul in 25 minutes

Helicopter taxi (Helitaxi) lowers 25 minutes transportation between Bursa and Istanbul. And this voyages formally started. Transportation between Bursa and Istanbul lowers 25 minutes with helicopters which belongs to the transportation company ‘Burulaş’ of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. If we consider the car travel takes four hours approximately,helicopter can be seen as a great convenience.

Helitaxi realizes voyages everyday in the morning and in the evening times.

Helitaxi goes from :

Bursa to Kadıkoy in 25 minutes
Bursa to Sisli in 28 minutes
Bursa to Ataturk Airport in 35 minutes
Kadıköy to Sisli in 4 minutes
Sisli to Ataturk Airport in 8 minutes 
Kadıkoy to Ataturk Airport in 12 minutes 

 Helitaxi which belongs to Skyline services with 13 vehicles for six people. Voyages starts from Bursa BURULAŞ Heliport, Kadikoy Ispark Heliport, Şişli Municipality Registry Office Parking Area and Ataturk Airport Heliport.

Between Ataturk Airport and Bursa : 08.00 p.m.—08.35 p.m./15.15 a.m.—15.50 a.m.
Between Ataturk Airport and Kadıkoy : 08.00 p.m.—08.12 p.m./15.15 a.m.—15.27 a.m.
Between Ataturk Airport and Sisli : 08.00 p.m.—08.08 p.m./15.15 a.m.—15.23 a.m.
Between Bursa and Ataturk Airport : 08.45 p.m.—09.20 p.m./16.00 a.m.—16.35 a.m.
Between Bursa and Kadıkoy : 08.45 p.m.—09.10 p.m./16.00 a.m.—16.25 a.m.
Between Bursa and Sisli : 08.45 p.m.—09.13 p.m./16.00 a.m.—16.28 a.m.
Between Sisli and Ataturk Airport : 09.14 p.m.—09.22 p.m./16.29 a.m.—16.37 a.m.
Between Sisli and Bursa : 08.08 p.m.— 08.36  p.m./15.23 a.m.— 15.51 a.m.
Between Sisli and Kadıkoy : 08.08 p.m.— 08.12  p.m./15.23 a.m.— 15.27 a.m.
Between Kadıkoy and Ataturk Airport : 09.10 p.m.—09.22 p.m./16.25 a.m.—16.37 a.m.
Between Kadıkoy and Bursa : 08.12 p.m.— 08.37  p.m./15.27 a.m.— 15.52 a.m.
Between Kadıkoy and Sisli : 09.10 p.m.—09.14 p.m./16.25 a.m.—16.29 a.m.


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