İstanbul Seyahat Rehberi

Maiden Tower

  • Maiden Tower

  • Most important function of Maiden Tower was two protect the city against the attacks which may come from sea by means of heavy chains.

  • Maiden's Tower

  • At the end of 1820’s Maiden Tower was being used as pestilence hospital.

Maiden Tower was built in 1110 by Byzantine Emparor Alexius Comnenus as a wooden tower. From Maiden Tower iron massive chain stretched across to another tower erected on the European shore of Constantinopole.

Watch Tower
During the siege of Constantinopole by Ottomans, the tower held a Byzantine Garrison commanded by the Venetian Gabriele Trevisano. After the conquest of the Constantinopole, Sultan the Maiden Tower was used the structure as a watch tower.  After the conquest, again a wooden tower was constructed in Maiden Tower. But, the wooden tower was burned down in 1719. It was rebuilt from stone once again.

Excellent view of old İstanbul
The Maiden Tower was used for many different purposes over time. For exampye, artillery shootings were done at important days such as feast, sultan’s succeeding to throne were being done from Maiden Tower. At the end of 1820’s Kız Kulesi was being used as pestilence hospital. During the Republic Period, it was  used as a light house. It was restored in recent times at began to serve as restaurant. From the interior of the tower, there is an excellent view of the former Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman capital.