İstanbul Seyahat Rehberi

Escort Services Scams in Istanbul

  • One beer starts from 1000 TL

  • Most of the defrauded people in Istanbul are the tourists who follow women

  • If you do not have cash with you, it is no problem because they can accompany to you until your hotel and get the payment over there

  • If you drink that beer with a woman as well, it is better for you to leave your whole money for holiday and go back to your home

Escort Services Scams in Istanbul

Espite being a safe city, as all big cities in the world Istanbul has its dangers: and in this case our advice goes towards the escort services. Most of the tricked people in Istanbul are the tourists who follow escorts.

Most dangerous areas and some signs

As the most touristic places are Sultanahmet and Taksim, these are the sites where you are most likely to find them. In Taksim, in bars usually, you might have a woman or men approach you (they specially target people who are on their own) and start a nice talk with you. “Do you need help?” “Where are you from?” are some of the chat starters.

After getting acquainted, the next step will be to order food and drinks for both:

One beer starts from 1000 TL

You may think this is false or exaggerated but it’s not. Police stations are full of processes about foreigners who deceived by the people who accompanied them. The plan is really simple: take the tourist to a bar or club where you know (or are hired by) the manager and orders drinks. This drink will be at incredibly high price and you will have to pay them because if you don’t, either the manager or guards won’t let you go out.

Another real example: A glass of raki and chatting with two women cost two thousand euros

A man invited a tourist to go to a good bar. He agreed with it a shortly after sitting two women came to their table and joined them. The tourist chatted with the 2 women and when he wanted to go back to his hotel, after drinking one glass of raki, he asked for the bill. It was 4750 Turkish Liras. When he objected saying that it was too high, because they added the women’s bills, they rearranged it as 2200 Turkish Liras. Although he objected again saying that he only drank one glass of raki; he had to give his credit card to the workers over there.

As explained in the last example, in some of the cases, the women who come sit at the table are prostitutes and are also involved in the scams.

Situations like this are actually very common in Istanbul so if people approach you for these purposes just say no and walk away.

Escort Services & Agencies

The difference between a brothel and an escort service (call girls) is that the escort service doesn't always receive clients. Instead, the client can call them and have a girl sent to their home or hotel room. Typically, Istanbul call girls are accompanied by a driver who's waiting outside. For the rest, most of the rules for brothels and clubs apply; Istanbul has a lot of escort agencies. Some Istanbul escort girls also work independently in Aksaray which is known as a prostitute’s area in Istanbul. In any case pay attention and stay safe.


It’s quite easy to find accommodation in Istanbul, as it is a very touristic city. Here’s a list of the districts with the largest sum of hotels:

  • Harbiye is a popular place to stay, as it’s located next to the main center of the new city on the European side, and has a wide variety of international standard apartments, hotels, and hotels for budget travelers. Nişantaşı and Taksim are 5 minutes from Harbiye so you can enjoy the attractions of these areas.
  • Taksim is the main center of the new city on the European side. Locals and tourists go to there to shop and for entertainment, as well as moderate hotels for budget travelers. There are also two hostels in this area.
  • Sultanahmet the main center of the old city on the European side. It has a selection of quality, reasonably priced hotels, many with terraces overlooking the Golden Horn, or with views of the Marmara Sea and the Blue Mosque. Most hostels frequented by independent/budget travelers are located in this district, although it is possible to find a few upmarket hotels.
  • Quite pricey hotels can be found in western suburbs, especially around the airport, as well as overlooking the banks of Bosphorus.
  • Being relatively central, Ataköy Caravan Park, is the place where you can park your caravan and it’s now located in Selimpaşa. It’s located at 40 km from the most central parts of the city.

Stay Safe – Warnings and Dangers

As with most European cities, but especially in crowded areas of Istanbul, watch your pockets and travel documents as pickpockets have designed all sorts of strategies to get them from you. Do not rely too much on the 'safe' feeling you get from the omnipresence of policemen.

Also be wary of men in Taksim who splash water on the back of your neck. When you turn around, they will try to start a fight with you as another man comes in and robs you. These men tend to carry knives and can be very dangerous.

Istanbul is home to three of the biggest clubs in Turkey and perhaps of European football: Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, and Galatasaray. It is advisable not to wear colors associating yourself with any of the clubs--black and white, blue and yellow, and red and yellow, respectively--particularly on the days of matches between the sides due to the fearsome rivalry they share.

Be respectful of the Turkish flag. Don't put it on places where people sit or stand, don't drag it, don't wrinkle it, don't contaminate it, and don’t use it as a dress or uniform. Not only will Turks be very offended, furthermore the desecration of the Turkish flag is a punishable offence. The flag is extremely important and well respected in Turkey.