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Military Museum Istanbul

  • Old type of canon

  • Detail of helmet which belongs to a soldier.

  • Military tent

  • Conquest of İstanbul

  • The Janissary Band

  • Helmets of soldiers used in the war.

The Military Museum opened first in Saint Irene Church. In 1950, it was moved to the Harbiye. Harbiye district was the site of the Ottoman military academy. In the Ottoman era, the Military Museum used to be a building where soldiers were trained. In 1993, the building received its current function as museum. Among these objects are Kanuni Sultan Suleyman’s sword, and the guns Yavuz Sultan Selim used on his march through Egypt.

Weapons of soldiers in the 15th century
Today in 22 rooms and 9.000 pieces from the Ottoman era through World War I are exhibited, out of a total collection of 50.000 objects.  The east part of the museum is used for temporary exhibitions, meetings and similar activities. On the ground floor, the display of arrows in the first room is followed by sections containing the weapons and other regalia of the cavalary, daggers of soldiers in the 15th century, 17th century copper head armor for horses and Ottoman shields carried by the jannisaries.

World’s oldest military band
There are even sections devoted to Suleyman The Magnificent ve Mehmet the Conqueror There is also a room which is dedicated to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, who studied here in this building when it was a military academy. In the museum The Janissary Band, world’s oldest military band also gives concerts in traditional uniforms each afternoon.

Useful Information for Military Museum Istanbul

Address Military Museum and Cultural Center Command Harbiye - Sisli
Tel 0 212 233 27 20
Fax 0 212 296 86 18
Entrance fee 15 TL
Visiting hours The Military Museum is open to public visits every day from 09.00 to 17.00 except on January 1, the first days of the Ramadan Holiday and the Festival of Sacrifices and Mondays and Tuesdays.