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Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)

  • Sultanahmet Mosque

  • The Mosque which gives the name for the Sultanahmet Square is undoubtedly between the symbol structures of Istanbul.

  • Mehmet Aga decorated the interior like a jeweler.

  • Prayer room of the mosque

  • Foreigners know as Blue Mosque because of tiles in turquoise color.

  • Mosque which has 260 windows is one of the most beautiful examples of 17th century.

The Mosque which gives the name for the Sultanahmet Square is undoubtedly between the symbol structures of Istanbul. This social complex is an example of classical Turkish architecture, and it is the only mosque that was built with six minarets. Although it is known as the Blue Mosque, its orijinal name is Sultan Ahmet Mosque.

Turquoise color tiles
Foreigners know  as Blue Mosque because of tiles in turquoise color with number more than 20.000. There are İznik tiles in galleries and traditional lilac, gillyflower, tulip, rose and cypress exist in flower patterns. Its architect Mehmet Aga decorated the interior like a jeweler.

Architect was Sinan's student
The architect Sedefkar Mehmet Aga was a student of Sinan.Blue Mosque was built between the years of 1609-1616. It has one main dome, six minarets and eight secondary domes. The design is the culmination of two centuries of Ottoman mosque development. The court is about as large as the mosque itself and is surrounded by a continuous vaulted arcade. It has ablution facilities on both sides. The central  fountain is small relative to the courtyard. 

Iron chain hangs
A heavy iron chain hangs in the upper part of the court entrance. Only the sultan was allowed to enter the court of the mosque on horseback. The chain was put there, so that the sultan had to lower his head every time he entered the court to avoid being hit. This was a symbolic gesture, to ensure the humility of the ruler in the face of the divine.

Respect Kabe
The six minarets were a matter of contention and a first, since four minarets were the common maximum. Only after one more minaret was added to the Kabe  was the six minarets issue settled. And the mosque used to be part of a large complex. It is including a Turkish bath, a hospital, covered bazaar, a hospital, schools, a caravanserai, and the mausoleum of Sultan Ahmet. Some of these social and cultural buildings did not survive today.

Mosque has 260 beatifull windows
Mosque’s area exceeds the area of Hagia Sofia and Suleymaniye Mosque. This mosque which has a special place in Istanbul silhouette consists of garden with large stoa and indoor place having same dimensions. Mosque which has 260 windows is one of the most beautiful examples of 17th century carving workmanship with its marble mihrab and mimbar.  Also bronze workmanship of big yard gates is perfect.

The main entrance to Blue Mosque is on the Hippodrome side. There is an outer courtyard, and the inner courtyard and prayer room with a dome. And there are three entrances to the mosque interior. The minarets of the Blue Mosque are nice examples of Turkish architecture.


Useful Information for Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)

Address Sultan Ahmet Mh., Torun Sk No:19, 34400 Istanbul
Fast Facts Because the mosques are the sacred places for muslims, there are several cases needed to be paid attention during visits; 1. Mosques must be visited between the prayer times. If you come across the prayer times, you can visit the mosque after the community leaves. 2. Women come to mosques by covering their heads with scarves while the men wear coifs before going in. It should be paid attention to costumes while visiting a sacred place like a mosque, especially in summer times. 3. Shorts should not be worn by men and women during the visits of mosques and tombs because costume is an important point to be paid attention in visiting sacred places. And the other important thing to pay attantion is the commisioners. Commissioner is the art of empaling in itself. There are many plots in it from Dallas. And when you get the headliners in a film, they are far superior than the actors who win the Oscar Award. Commision (Hanut) comes to mean shop in Armenian and commissioner is a worker who works in a specific shop. Usually their chases are square of Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, in front of the Basilica Cistern and Grand Bazaar. Although they have low educational level, they know four or three language explicably and they are well-dressed. Naturally leaving good impression to your addressee is important. Firstly commissioners want to give direction and they start to deep conversation and they bring tourist to carpet store and this meeting finishes with offering tea. Eventually tourists buy whatever they want , they buy it with high price. Because there are commission for commissioner.