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Suleymaniye Mosque and Social Complex

  • Silhouette of Suleymaniye Mosque

  • General effect of indoor is simple magnificence.

  • The dome of the mosque

  • Detail of Suleymaniye Mosque

  • View from the minarets of Suleymaniye Mosque

  • Diameter of big dome is 26,2 m and its height from ground is 49,5 m.


Suleymaniye is the second biggest mosque. Average 2000 people have worked in its construction period between 1550-1557. Big stones and marbles were brought from all around empire. Big columns were brought from archaeological areas in Egypt, Baalbek, Silifke. Even a big ship was constructed for this objective.

Masterpiece of Classical Ottoman Style
Architectural demonstration of kulliye has been concentrated on mosque. It is a masterpiece which magnificently displays the classical Ottoman Style and art techniques. Mosque’s indoor has  a length of 61 m and width of 70m.

Diameter of big dome is 26,2 m and its height from ground is 49,5 m. General effect of indoor is simple magnificence.  Suleymaniye is not a much ornamented structure with respect to decoration. Tile medallions  over windows around two side of mihrab were decorated with calliography. 

Natural air cleaning system
Air cleaning mechanism which was designed in mosque by Sinan since he has doubts should be remembered. Especially in nights and dark winter days air of mosque was polluted by breathes of people who perform salaat, in addition to smut of candle holders and oil lamps. There is a room over the entrance gate which takes the heated and polluted air and exhaust to outside. Smut is collected in the ceiling of this room  and ink is produced from this smut.

During the war used as a weapons depot
It was ravaged by a fire in 1660 and was restored by Sultan Mehmet IV. Part of the dome collapsed again during the earthquake of 18th century. Subsequent repairs damaged what was left of the original decoration of Sinan. During I. World War  the courtyard was used as a weapons depot. In 1956 and in 2002, Suleymaniye Mosque was fully restored again.

Useful Information for Suleymaniye Mosque and Social Complex

Address Süleymaniye Mh., 34116 Fatih/Istanbul
Fast Facts Because the mosques are the sacred places for muslims, there are several cases needed to be paid attention during visits; 1. Mosques must be visited between the prayer times. If you come across the prayer times, you can visit the mosque after the community leaves. 2. Women come to mosques by covering their heads with scarves while the men wear coifs before going in. It should be paid attention to costumes while visiting a sacred place like a mosque, especially in summer times. 3. Shorts should not be worn by men and women during the visits of mosques and tombs because costume is an important point to be paid attention in visiting sacred places.