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During the 6th century, a Byzantine church, was built here. Istanbul was besieged by Muayyad armies twice in 668 and 674. That is the Arab Mosque is the heritance of this besiege. It was transformed into Church after Arabs left Istanbul,  by Latins who live in Galata.

Building which was called as Saint Paola and Serves for Dominican sectarian was transformed into mosque again after conquering of Istanbul. Between 1475 and 1478 it was transformed, with minor modifications, into a mosque by the Fatih Sultan Mehmet and became known as Galata Mosque. The end of the century Sultan Beyazıt II, assigned the building to those Muslims of Spain who had migrated to Istanbul; the name converted into Arab Mosque.

The largest mosque on the Galata

Mosque which hides itself in side streets of Karakoy, takes the people to other worlds when they enter inside it.  Mihrab’s having exactly same direction with qiblah, is the evidence that it was originally built as mosque.  Small room next to mihrab is mentioned to be suffering room of Mesleme bin Abdulmelik. Minaret was constructed as bell tower by priests.

Arab Mosque is the largest mosque on the Galata. It is one of the most interesting mosques in the city due to its Italian Gothic architectural style.

Useful Information for Arab Mosque Istanbul

Address Tersane Cad. Arap Camii Mah. Mahkeme Sk. N0: 16 Beyoglu , Istanbul,
Fast Facts Because the mosques are the sacred places for muslims, there are several cases needed to be paid attention during visits; 1. Mosques must be visited between the prayer times. If you come across the prayer times, you can visit the mosque after the community leaves. 2. Women come to mosques by covering their heads with scarves while the men wear coifs before going in. It should be paid attention to costumes while visiting a sacred place like a mosque, especially in summer times. 3. Shorts should not be worn by men and women during the visits of mosques and tombs because costume is an important point to be paid attention in visiting sacred places.