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Istanbul Taxi Fares, Hassle Free Taxi Trips

  • Drivers never accept Turkish Customer in here

The matter of taxi is a general problem in the whole world. Primarily the problem is not get into taxi but getting off not to be cheated. Wherever you go, you will be worry about overcharged. It is quite scenic. We write this article to help you about this topic and to keep you away from paying extra money.

Firstly, the plaque of taxi is very expensive in Istanbul and about three or four family make a living from only one taxi. If we regard the plaque of taxi is five hundred thousand Turkish Lira, owner of the taxi plague will rent 3 thousand 500 hundred Turkish Lira. This person usually commends to taxi two drivers. Drivers will change every 12 hours. Drivers have to pay 90 Turkish Lira everyday. So, except from this payment they gain for fuel then they earn for themselves. Naturally this condition forces them. Because especially drivers in the city centre go from somewhere to somewhere take an hour heavy traffic times. Therefore some snide people prefer long ways for tourists. But if we prevent this situation, the price of public transportation will be higher than the price of taxi especially a group of people. In this sense the price of taxi will be cheaper. But this condition would be valid if we did not come across snide drivers. There are two waiting places for these type of drivers. First one is in front of the Street of Hagia Sophia Museum the other one is in front of the Sirkeci Station. Taxi drivers in these places never accept Turkish customer. Although you intend to get into taxi, drivers say something come up and seek a pretext. The main of them transport the airport or long destination with tourists. At this stage they do not open taximeter, they haggle. After all  the place is to go 10 dollars it could cost 50 dollars. In this sense you can do these things.

Note one by one :
1) Never get into taxi in front of Hagia Sophia and the Sirkeci Station. If you get into taxi these stops, you will make a bet knowingly.
2) If you have urgent situation, move away and get into taxi which passes from the way
3) While you are getting into taxi , you are sure about the taximeter certainly. If you say the place or route after he opens the taximeter, driver beware taking away different route. So you will be sure extension of road. But in any case there is no many price difference. Unfortunately drivers fiddle with the taximeter, they want three or fivefold except from available price list. This is made by drivers who know the historical peninsula. In this situation, you can say the address of nearest police Office. The condition will change.
4) If you want to be sure completely, you open the taximeter  then you can bargain. You will say the more or less price and you will not take any risk but the taximeter will prevent dispute. That is your guarantee.
5) This price can be 10 Turkish Lira in short destinations or  60-70 Turkish Lira for long destinations. For example; if you go airport from historical peninsula via coast road by taxi, you will pay 60-70 Turkish Lira maximal. This figure corresponds to 25-30 dollars. Highest from this becomes overcharged.
6) Not pay much tips except from Turkey taximeter price to drivers.
7) Taxi drivers usually know too little English. So you should show the address with written form. Because normally you could not say the name of place in Turkish completely. Taxi driver can misunderstand.
8) If you want to realise the transfer of airport untroubled, you can draw on a transfer company. There are many private transfer company in Istanbul. The price of this company is fixed and it does not change for all time and intensity of traffic. You can obtain information about the price of transfer and you can have online reservation from below link: