Sultanahmet Tour

7 hours

itibaren $ASK / kişi başı



Ancient city of Istanbul (Sultan Ahmet Square) , combination of TR.04/M & TR.04/A ( Ottoman and Byzantine Imperial Relics ) Tour including : Hippodrome Square, which will be followed by the visit
to the most famous and beautiful mosque of Istanbul
Sultanahmet Mosque or the Blue Mosque. Also, not far away, there is Great Hagia Sophia - a unique structure that during ten centuries was recognized as the church and during five centuries - as the mosque and was put on the register of UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will have free time for lunch. After lunch we go to the biggest and the most famous palace of the Ottoman rulers - the Topkapi Palace where you can see collections of watches, weapons, clothing, portraits, thrones and decorations of the Ottoman Sultans, as well as sacred relics brought from Mecca and Medina. Our tour will be finished at the biggest bazaar of Istanbul called the Grand Bazaar.

Topkapi Palace
Hagia Sophia
Blue Mosque
Grand Bazaar

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