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Hints & Tips before you buy Textile products in Istanbul & Turkey

Textile is one of the most common products that tourists buy in their trips to Istanbul & Turkey. The history of Turkish textile industry starts at the Ottoman period, textile production was developed and very important for the Empire. It was spread around the country and even now you can find textiles in every city you go: there are markets and bazaars as well as stores everywhere.

Nowadays you can find high quality home textile (curtains, cushions, linens, towels, etc.), fabrics as well as scarves, shawls, dresses and many more things.

Istanbul has a huge offer for fabrics and textiles; there are a lot of retail and wholesale stores with a large choice. Of course, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has numerous streets where you can buy silk products, dresses, scarves and fabrics but prices will be higher than in other places so you must bargain. The final price depends on your haggling skills. Also visit several stores and compare prices and quality there, then choose the best one for you and buy there.

Also behind and around the Spice Market in Eminonu there is a quite big bazaar which sells different kinds of home appliances, toys, home decorations and textile as well. You can find a big range of different items from very cheap to expensive and high quality ones.

Laleli is a vast neighborhood where all streets are full of different kind of wholesale stores, they sell women and men clothes, home textile, and also you can find jewelry and different appliances.  

Other big districts are Merter and Zeytinburnu areas. There are a lot of factories are located there which produce textile products, carpets, fabrics and quality clothes. There you can find both wholesale and retail stores.

So as you can see, Turkey specializes on producing textile products and for sure you will like a lot of items here just be careful and check the quality and don’t forget to bargain.


saqib sohail31.10.2015 08:36:32

Hi. We are planning to bring Students of our university to buy fabrics for their fashion collections at the and of November. It would be great if you can advise on the places to buy good variety of fabrics in Istanbul and other nearby cities.

Yasar Celen31.10.2015 10:32:22

The best cities are ;
- Istanbul
- Bursa
- Denizli
In Istanbul you can visit the Mahmutpasa and Nisantasi areas.
On the other hand if you will need any assist for the other ground services such as place to stay, airport transfers, guide, city tours etc. feel free to contact us.

Marijela Tokić29.10.2015 01:26:59

please if you can help me and give me some information. I want to open a boutique with quality wedding dresses and elegant gowns. Can you recommend a wholesale factory in Istanbul. I've never been in Istanbul and do not know the city and ask for the correct information, address. I thank in advance. Greetings.

Yasar Celen29.10.2015 13:51:48

Theer are lots of business opportunities and you have to decide by your self which one is suitable for your market.
You have to come to Istanbul and visit the companies. We will be happy to assist you for your meetings and travel arrangements such as transfers, guide, place to stay etc.

zisa zisa26.10.2015 12:45:11

hi thank you for such an informative page.
i am looking to travel to Istanbul in January, i am looking for high quality shirting and suiting fabric, especially puma and Egyptian cotton, are there wholesalers that sell these that you can hook me up with?
regards zisa

Yasar Celen26.10.2015 13:34:58

There are lots of companies in Turkey and if any one interested with your offer we will be happy to share your contact details.

Soheir Aziz23.10.2015 11:49:39

I need to buy a elegant fancy wedding dresses can you pls help me into this

Yasar Celen23.10.2015 12:37:18

There are lots of options in Fatih distric of the city.
We are sure that you will find the one which is suitable for your budget and interest.

McCall Dulkys13.10.2015 18:43:57

Hello! I will be going to Istanbul at the beginning of next month and am looking for a seamstress to help me manufacture some dress designs I have made. Do you have any idea where I Could find one?Thank you for this informative page!

Yasar Celen15.10.2015 15:20:36

We are sorry to inform you that we have no idea about your request.

Daria Erdman18.09.2015 06:25:30

Hello. We'll be travelling to Istanbul, could you give an advice for where we can find high quality textile, like bed sheets and covers as well as towels, we need a big amount os this. Would be greatful for the answer.

Yasar Celen18.09.2015 19:19:32

Dear Daria;
Kindly contact with us upon your arrival in Istanbul.
We will arrange some meetings with the whole salers.
All the best.

Shannon Louis14.09.2015 01:36:00

Hello. What a great source of info this page is! I'll be traveling to Istanbul in October. I'm looking for fouta textiles and manufactures. Can you please advise me! It would be a great help!

Yasar Celen15.09.2015 12:46:30

Dear Shannon;
Try Lalay at Sultanahmet;
Sultanahmet Shop
Binbirdirek mahallesi Klot Farel caddesi, Dostluk yurdu sok.
No: 10 Daire: 2 Fatih - Istanbul
Tel.0212 638 53 72
more detail can be found at

Kabs Akrofi13.09.2015 16:43:16

I'm visiting turkey in a weeks time and I need to order for paper bags sewing accessories
And laces fabric. I need addresses and location to make orders.
Thank you

Yasar Celen15.09.2015 12:51:46

You can try Istanbul Basim Merkezi

Hailey Sanura11.09.2015 08:46:43

Hi, I am visiting Istanbul and am looking to buy a couple assuit shawls. So far I only found one antique piece in the grand bazaar but it was not in very good condition. Can you recommend a place to buy these things?

Yasar Celen12.09.2015 13:18:36

Did you check Armagan which is located in Nuruosmaniye Street close by to the Grand Bazaar?

Mohammed Zeitoun06.09.2015 17:08:23

I want to buy fabrics for Shirts, pullovers & Sweat Shirts , the quantity I need for each coulour is 300 m2. I will buy many colours and fabrics. What is your recommendation where to go?
Thank you

Yasar Celen07.09.2015 12:34:10

Dear Mohammed;
Thanks for your comment and phone call yesterday.
As I told you at our phone conversation please send us your details and needs via e-mail and we will study and let you know about the details. I am sure that we will find the best contacts for your needs.
All the best.

Egnatia Zhori12.09.2015 11:55:17

Hi i am looking as well to bye fabrics for pullovers ,skirts and other stuff!! What do you recomend me? Where should i go in istanbul so i can find them??

Yasar Celen12.09.2015 13:23:39

You can try Mahmutpasa

Ana Cvijanovic04.09.2015 17:15:45

I am interested in buying 100% silk fabric in Istanbul, can you recommend some markets, and shops? It would be helpful if they have a website, so I can see their offer before I get to Istanbul.
Many thanks!

Yasar Celen05.09.2015 11:32:42

Dear Ana;
Silk & Cashmire is one of the most popular brand for the pure silk and cashmire products.
They have lots of shops all over the world and you may have more information at
All the best.

Porsche Madde22.08.2015 11:48:52

Hi I'm looking to source fabric like anine bing utilises in her clothing capsules however I'm using them for homewares,Minot clothing. Can you please advise who she uses in Istanbul.

Yasar Celen03.09.2015 15:33:20

We have no idea about your question.
We are sorry.

Porsche Madde24.09.2015 08:02:45

Hi, further to my message above, I'm trying to source 100% cotton jersey (180gsm plain with no print)
Can you please advise where would be best to purchase at wholesale prices in instanbul?

Ola Guest13.08.2015 10:56:42

I am going to turkey in two weeks and want to know where I can produce large quantities of formal shirts, leather shoes and belts.

Yasar Celen13.08.2015 11:15:06

Dear Ola;
Kindly contact us before you arrive in Istanbul.
According to your need we will find the best contact.
Looking forward to seeing you.
All the best.
Mr. Yasar CELEN
General Manager
Istanbul Hotels
Eminsinan Mah. Eminsinan Hamami Sok.
No: 6 - 34126 Sultanahmet, Fatih- Istanbul
Tel :+90 212 517 00 13
Fax:+90 212 517 00 09

Maeen Uddin25.08.2015 10:19:48

Dear Sirs,
I am a Bangladeshi, living in Saudi Arabia. I will visit Istanbul between 22-26 September. Could you please advise me about Textile Markets in Istanbul and their contacts. During my visit I will stay at Sultanahmet city. We are planning to deal with whole seller of Cloths (shirting and Shooting). If the market price meet our satisfaction we import them regularly to Riyadh.

Chris Guest02.08.2015 18:54:58

I was wondering if there is a good place to buy bed linens and how easy it is to compare sizes for beds eg double/ king size- will I need to take and translate my measurements?!

Yasar Celen03.08.2015 15:11:06

Dear Chris;
Here is the most popular company for the bed linens in Turkey.
You can find almost everything at this site.
All the best.

karmel mckinnon19.07.2015 06:20:13

Hi i live in Australia and would love to be able to buy some of the beautiful floral printed dress/quilting fabrics, is there anywhere i can purchase these online and have them posted to Australia.. Thanks kindly Karmel

Yasar Celen20.07.2015 09:47:21

Dear Karmel;
Here are some web sites.

Eman Fayed11.07.2015 15:56:34

Hi, thanks alot for your precious info. Please i need to know where i can buy woman night dresses in good price and models in istanbul, also good cloth for night dresses in good price.

Yasar C11.07.2015 16:44:12

Dear Eman;
Thanks for your kind comment.
The best place for the women night dresses is Laleli and Bomonti Nisantasi areas. You can check the web sites of the Turkish Local Brands such as Butik Dayi
There is a popular web site called . They do lots of advertisement nowadays and says they offer best price.
Or you can try the boutique store of the Turkish fasion designers such as;
- Arzu Kaprol
- Cemil Ipekçi
- Cengiz Abazoglu
- Dilek Hanif
- Yildirim Mayruk
- Gamze Saraçoglu
- Rasit Bagzibagli
- Barbaros Sansal
All the best

Joy 01.07.2015 07:56:41

Hello I'm in Istanbul and I would like to know where I can buy wholesale office wear and reali nice dresses. Thank you

Yasar Celen02.07.2015 18:37:30

Dear Joy;
Kasimpasa and Bayrampasa is the best placse for the office wear and staff uniformas and Nisantasi is the best place for the nice boutique dress shops.
Also local designers have nice boutiques in Nisantasi area.
All the best.

Pilar Satrustegui30.05.2015 19:38:19

I found your web very interesting, congratulations. I am leaving on Monday, but I would like to find wholesale retailers of printed fabrics, embroidery ribbon,... I saw you mentioned Zentinburnu and Merter. Any other suggestion? Do they open in Sunday?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi ade22.05.2015 15:09:30

iam interested in different whites fabrics for church and trimmings too. do you know the name of the market where l can get the materials

Yasar Celen25.05.2015 16:34:33

Dear Ade;
You can fine these materials in Zentinburnu or Merter area.
All the best

shahid maqbool19.01.2015 20:40:03

Hi i saw your website and found very helpful.i just want to know where i can find a whole sell buyer for turkish woman coat and leather jacket for man and woman.

Site Admin19.01.2015 20:50:53

Dear Shahid;
Thank you very much for your review.
There are lots of wholesalers in Gedikpasa close by to the Grand Bazaar and also Zeytinburnu area. If you have something specific you can contact with them.
All the best

osnat hadad04.01.2015 21:26:28

I want to buy fabrics for summer in Istanbul
But in small quantities,
I was in Istanbul last week and wanted more wholesale minimum 100 meters of cloth
The question is whether I can find much smaller amounts?
And if so, is it possible to get exact addresses of markets
Would love a quick reply

Yasar Celen05.01.2015 13:06:13

Dear Osnat;
In Osmanbey and Nisantasi area there are lots of retail shop and wholesalers.
Also there are several outlet malls such as Olivium etc. you can have good contacts with the owners.
If you will need any future information feel free to contact us.
All the best.

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