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Istanbul Nostalgic Trams
  • Nostalgic Tram in Istiklal Street
    Nostalgic Tram in Istiklal Street
  • Tram and tunnel nationalized in 1939
    Tram and tunnel nationalized in 1939
  • In 1961 the services old-model tram were terminated
    In 1961 the services old-model tram were terminated

First tram came to Istanbul in 1871.  While first horse car is established on the line of Azapkapı-Besiktas, five million passengers is moved with 430 horse. In 1883 the tram lines are set up in Galata, Tepebasi,Istiklal Street. In 1912, lines of tram did not work in a year. Because horses are sold due to Balkan War. While the service of horse car was put an end in 1914, industry of electrical tram was passed in 1914.In 1961 the services old-model tram were terminated.

Nostalgic trams operate in Kadikoy and Taksim districts of Istanbul
Old trams were restored in 1989 and they enter into service again symbolically. For this reason Istiklal Street was choosen as a fittest place. Today it becomes a symbol for Istanbul. Nostalgic Tram goes about 2km from Taksim to Tunnel and it moves 2500 passengers. Tram works everyday between 07:00a.m. and 22:45p.m. The other similar nostalgic tram is in the Kadıkoy. It came into operation in 2003. Its length about 2,5km and there 10 stops on the line. Tram goes Kadıkoy via Moda in 20 minutes. It works between 07:00a.m. and 20:00 pm.


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