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Istanbul Water Taxi (Sea Taxi)
  • Comfortable voyage with confidential captains
    Comfortable voyage with confidential captains
  • Water Taxi is waiting its passenger
    Water Taxi is waiting its passenger

Sea Taxi  (Water Taxi) provides private water transportation service 7 days 24 hours to everywhere which is found pier in bosphorus and islands.

  • Sea Taxi has ten passanger capacity, this is only for guests.
  • Passanger hall which consists comfortable sitting group in Sea Taxi is unconnected from conning tower.
  • A licenced captain and a seafarer personnel work every Sea Taxi.

The reservation of Sea Taxi can be made via the number 444 44 98 which is known as 7/24 Sea Taxi Call Center. As you claim the instant Sea Taxi, in the same day you can make reservation for another hour in the same day or later dates.

  • You should give the hour, date, departure pier, arrival pier and the passenger contact information during the reservation demand.
  • Right after reservation created, confirmation message is send users via e-mail.

Wages and Payment

  • Pricing of the Sea Taxi Service is determined by UKOME ( Transportation Coordination Service).
  • Price of Sea Taxi is 25 Turkish Lira for every geographical mile, opening fee is 40 Turkish Lira.
  • Sea Taxi prices is calculated only based on service distance, transition distance  does not incorporate to price.
  • Remuneration in Sea Taxi can pay cash or credit card. Sales slip is given on account of the payment.

Delay and Cancel

  • The cancellation of  Sea Taxi reservation can make  during the winter season before 1 hour from service hour and in the summer season 2 hours ago via the number 444 44 98 which is known as 7/24 Sea Taxi Call Center.
  • In case of late passengers Sea Taxi waits freely for five minutes. Waiting longer than five minutes are subject to rental tariff.
  •  The price of waiting is taken at the end of service with the total service price.

      Places of Entertainment Going by Sea Taxi 

    Anatolia Club
    Villa Bosphorus Restaurant
    Burgaz Kalpazankaya Restaurant
    Buyukada Mill Beach
    Caddebostan Big Club
    Chilam Restaurant
    Clup Island
    Barred 29
    Esma Sultan Mansion
    Fenerbahçe Faruk Ilgaz Sports Facilities
    Galatasaray Island
    Water Sports Club
    Kaşıbeyaz Restaurant
    Kınalıada Club
    The Maiden's Towercord
     Navy Blue
     Moda Sea Club
     Nakibey Beach
     Park Fora Restaurant
     Koç Museum
      Regel Restaurant
      Sait Halim Pasha Mansion
     Sakıp Sabancı Museum
      Sütlüce Cultural Centre
      Female Şeli Pier No. 8
      The House
      Mackerel Restaurant

You can obtain information from ‘Water Taxi Reservation and Call Line ' which is open 24 hours an the number of 444 44 98 for getting services from pier not included in this list.


Susan Nehab24.08.2015 16:14:28

How much is a sea taxi from Istanbul to Buyukada?

Jenny Risvold14.01.2015 10:07:38

I have booked a table on Kiz Kulesi at 20.15 in the evening on 17th january.
I would like to get from Iskele Yolu to Kiz Kulesi for two people.
How much do you charge? How long does it take?
Kind regards,
Jenny Risvold

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