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The Rahmi Koc Museum
  • Rahmi Koc Museum
    Rahmi Koc Museum
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    Train of Sultan Abdulaziz
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The Rahmi Koc Museum was established on a 2000 square meter area on Golden Horn. It is the first and only Industrial Museum in Turkey. It is also center for education and pleasure. The Rahmi Koç Museum contains two principle buildings Lengerhane and Hasköy Dockyard.

The lengerhane
The first building of museum is Lengerhane. The Lengerhane stands on Byzantine foundation of 12th century, has been deemed a second class historical site by the High Counsil of Monuments.  During the reign of Ahmet II, it was used as a foundry. Later it was for storage of ethyl alcohol. In 1991 the building was restored by Rahmi M. Koç Museology and Culture Foundation. After a restoration an underground gallery was added to the original building and in 1994 the Museum opened its doors to visitors.

Private collection of Rahmi Koc
Most of objects have been gathered from private collection of Rahmi Koc. Other objects are either borrowed from, or donated by, various organizations and individuals.The main collection of genuie works or their models is of scientific ro mechanical nature.

Motors and steam engines are displayed on the first floor while the scientific instruments are exhibited on the second floor. The entrance is reserved for the aircraft department, mint machinery for printing banknotes and coins, bicycles and motorcycles, the naval department and ship engines. In the open area, there is a coast guard lifeboat, a tram, a narrow gauge steam train, and a vertical steam boiler.

The Haskoy Dockyard
The Haskoy Dockyard was built by Ottoman Maritime Lines for maintenance of ships. Koc Foundation bought the dockyard in 1996 and after careful renovation inaugurated in 2001 with a new entity and dimension.  Here, there are agricultural section, underwater exploration, motorcyle, antique cars and etc.

Useful Information of The Rahmi Koc Museum
Address Hasköy Caddesi 27, Sütlüce, Istanbul
Tel 0 (212) 297 66 3940
Fax 0 (212) 369 66 06
Visiting hours Open everyday except Monday from 10.00 to 17.00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00 Entrance fee: 9.00 TL (4.5 for submarine) regular, 4.5.00 TL (3.5 for submarine) students
Entrance fee Submarine: Adult: 7 tl. Student: 5 tl. Planetarium: Adult: 2 tl. Children & Students: 2 tl.


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