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Smoking in Turkey
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Since 19 July 2009, smoking in Turkey is banned in all enclosed public places. There is a country based anti-smoke campaign in Turkey. The measures against smoking are increased at workplaces. Smoking is forbidden in government offices, workplaces, hospitals, schools, cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and in all forms of public transportations in Turkey. But with 22 million daily smokers, of course the biggest challenge will be enforcing the law.

Where you can't smoke

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed spaces. An area is considered enclosed from the moment not all four sides of it are open or if the sky cannot be seen.

The following facilities are considered enclosed areas: cafes, coffee houses, water pipe houses, restaurants, bars, open-air discotheques, all entertainment centers, public-transportation vehicles (including taxis), airports, stations, terminals, harbors and of course all government buildings.

Smoking is prohibited in education facilities and at all facilities that host artistic or sporting events, regardless whether they take place in enclosed or open areas. However, special enclosed spaces can be assigned within these facilities for smoking purposes, but cannot exceed 50 percent of the total space.

Old people nursing homes, mental asylums and prisons are excluded from the smoking ban as they must install smoking areas. Gardens of hospitals and mosques also escape the ban. On the decks of inter-city or international ships or ferries, smoking is allowed to people no younger than 18 years old.

Hotels are allowed to have designated floors for smokers, but children cannot stay in hotel rooms located on those floors.



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