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Tourist Information Offices in Istanbul
  • Tourist Information Offices in Istanbul
    Tourist Information Offices in Istanbul

There are many tourist information offices in Istanbul. If you need to information about tourist attractions, you can exploit from them.

Istanbul Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate


Address of Lodge: İstiklal Street. Atlas Pasajı, No: 131, Beyoğlu / Istanbul 
Lodge Exchange: (0212) 5181021 (Pbx 8 Line)

Tourist Information Office - Beyazıt

Phone: (0212) 522 49 02
Address: Beyazıt Square, Beyazıt Istanbul 

Tourist Information Office - Karaköy

Phone: (0212) 249 57 76 
Address: Karaköy Pier Inside of Passenger Hall, Karaköy Istanbul 

Tourist Information Office  - Sirkeci

Phone: (0212) 511 58 88 
Address: Sirkeci Station, Sirkeci Istanbul Istanbul 

Tourist Information Office- Sultanahmet

Phone: (0212) 518 18 02 - 518 87 54 Fax: (0212)518 18 02
Address: At Square, Sultanahmet Istanbul  

Tourist Information Office - Taksim-Hilton Hotel

Phone: (0212) 233 05 92 
Address: Entrance of Hilton Hotel, Elmadağ Taksim Istanbul Istanbul 

Tourist Information Office - Yeşilköy

Phone: (0212) 465 31 51 - 212 465 3547 
Address: Inside of Ataturk Airport Yeşilköy Istanbul 


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