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Istanbul Weather Forecast
  • Istanbul Weather Forecast
    Istanbul Weather Forecast
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Below you can see the weekly weather forecast of Istanbul City

The weather of Istanbul is similar to Mediterranean Climate. It is somewhat cooler than Mediterranean Climate. Istanbul has short-lived spring and it is sultry in summer. Autumn is wet, winter is cold. But sometimes sun make you happy even in January. Spring is like spring. Flowers blow in the parks. April and May is spring exactly. June is like half and half spring. So half is spring the other half is summer. You can go swimming conveniently at the end of September. From December to March, you do not rely on air. The weather is getting worse suddenly, it can be rainy. To take along coat is useful for you. Snowy and freezing days are limited. These days pass quickly.

Istanbul experienced its last harsh winter in 1978 and airport was closed to traffic for three days.
You can learn the weather condition previously thanks to Istanbul Weather Forecast. So you can have tour plans beforehand or your plans will not affect badly. With this weather forecast you can learn the condition of traffic. If the weather is rainy or snowy, traffic will be heavy. Thus, according to forecast you can specify your Istanbul City Tours or sight-seeing plans.


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