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Wireless in Istanbul
  • Cafés and some restaurants in İstanbul are also setting up Wifi access for their customers
    Cafés and some restaurants in İstanbul are also setting up Wifi access for their customers
  • Wi Fi
    Wi Fi
  • Free Wi Fi
    Free Wi Fi
  • Wi Fi in Car
    Wi Fi in Car
  • Internet Usage
    Internet Usage

Since the last few years, the use of wireless internet has increased.

If you travel with your own laptop or tablet computer, most hotels, particularly the small and medium-sized ones—offer fast (ADSL) wireless Internet access in at least one public space, such as the lobby or lounge.

More and more hotels have repeaters that convey the signal to all the guest rooms as well.

Most hotels, inns, pensions and hostels have a computer dedicated to the web and email for guests' use, or the owner will allow you to use an office computer.

Wifi access is usually free in smaller hotels and inns.

Cafés and some restaurants in the largest cities are also setting up Wifi access for their customers.

 In the Turkish Airports have Wifi (though it is not free) and it's showing up in ever more public buildings and public spaces. In Sultanahmet has free public Wifi, and it even works!


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